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Create a Guide 16 Categories iPhone 1st Generation iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4 CDMA iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone Repair Guides Answers Forum Parts & Tools Store Teardowns Translate Select a Language: 中文 日本語 Deutsch English Español Français Italiano Nederlands Português Русский язык Türkçe Machine translation Help Translate iFixit It's Plasma Ball The process of breaking down and rebuilding a Plasma Ball. PlayStation 4 Pro We tore down the mid-gen refresh, the PlayStation 4 Pro...

iPhone 4 68 Answers 266 Score iPhone says "This accessory may not be supported" iPhone 5 20 Answers 203 Score Why does my camera say, "Warning: Camera Failure" Samsung Galaxy S5 Fix more. htc desire 626s Xbox I took apart an original Xbox to check if anything was... Troubleshooting¶ Track down a number of issues with different types of Mac laptops with our Mac Troubleshooting pages.

Apple Responds to Touch Disease: Too Little, Too Late? Mac Parts iPhone Parts iPad Parts iPod Parts Android Parts Game Console Parts GoPro Parts Amazon Kindle Parts 22,744 Free Manuals 90,130 Solutions 6,891 Devices iFixit About Us Customer Support Careers Mac laptops are portable computers, designed to run on internal batteries and combine an integrated screen with a keyboard/pointing device. Learn to fix just about anything.

Apple USB SuperDrive 6 Answers 17 Score wireless wi-fi no hardware found MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304 20 Answers 16 Score Mighty Mouse doesn't scroll down Apple Mighty Mouse 13 Someone had set up a Slack reminder for... Cleaning Tools Consumables Cutting Tools Drivers & Wrenches ESD Safe Gripping Tools Inspection Tools Measuring Tools Organization Tools Prying & Opening Soldering & Wiring Toolkits 22,744 Free Manuals 90,130 Solutions 6,891 Additional Information¶ iFixit: List of Troubleshooting Guides View Statistics: Past 24 Hours: 4,499 Past 7 Days: 30,866 Past 30 Days: 137,553 All Time: 7,161,205 22,744 Free Manuals 90,130 Solutions 6,891 Devices

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iFixit Usually the manufacturer's name will appear somewhere on the front of the device, and the exact model number will appear on the back or underneath the battery. Sony Xperia Z Tools These are some common tools used to work on this device. Read More Here Arguably the most "Pro" of the lineup, the 15" MacBook Pro...

Create a Guide 5 Categories MacBook Pro MacBook Air MacBook PowerBook iBook Featured Guides Retina MacBook 2016 Teardown Teardown of the Retina Macbook 2016 performed on April 21, 2016. iPhone 4S 9 Answers 104 Score trying to restore but itunes says enter passcode iPhone 4S 31 Answers 91 Score Restore error 9 and 14 after fixing iPhone screen. Xbox 360 This is a simple teardown of an Xbox 360 Page 1 of 53 Next » 22,744 Free Manuals 90,130 Solutions 6,891 Devices iFixit About Us Customer Support Careers Feedback MacBook Pro 13" Late 2016 Touch Bar Teardown of the MacBook Pro 13-inch Late 2016, with four...

Shop Now Featured Parts & Tools Essential Electronics Toolkit Our most economical do-everything toolkit. $19.95 $20 View more tools Pro Tech Toolkit + Magnetic Project Mat Special holiday bundle of a have a peek here Additional Information¶ Wikipedia: iPhoneEveryMac: iPhone SpecsApple: iPhone Products View Statistics: Past 24 Hours: 4,000 Past 7 Days: 26,840 Past 30 Days: 118,523 All Time: 10,216,276 22,744 Free Manuals 90,130 Solutions 6,891 Password recovery. You might not need every tool for every procedure.

Mac Tablet Phone Car and Truck PC Game Console Android Camera Thousands more step-by-step guides for every thing 77 Apparel 234 Appliance 542 Camera 312 Car and Truck 314 Computer Hardware iFixit Pro provides quality wholesale parts to the professional repair industry. Read More Exercise Your Right to Repair iFixit is a global community of people helping each other repair stuff.Let's fix the world, one device at a time. How to create a teardown Contribute other content Popular Repair Guides Sony Xperia XZ Earphone Jack This video will show you how to repair the broken Earphone Set of Sony Xperia

We've got the exact tool you'll need for the job. Spudger Translations: English Deutsch Español Français Português 中文 日本語 Background and Identification¶ Starting with the first PowerBook laptop, released in 1991, Mac laptops have helped to shape the modern laptop/notebook form Today's cell phones have more computing power than past computers that took up an entire room of space. There is no failsafe mechanism to identify every device, though, so some research might be necessary on your part.

Create a Guide 3 Categories Mac Laptop Mac Desktop Mac Hardware Popular Parts & Tools $29.95 Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit $79.95 MacBook Battery $44.95 MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2009/Mid Troubleshooting¶ Troubleshooting 'Incorrect Voicemail Password' on iPhoneDiagnose and repair screen backlight issues with our iDevice Backlight Troubleshooting Page. It's Black Friday all week long!

iFixit: Repair Manual Official App Free – Google Play Install Join Log In Nikon Camera Repair iFixit The free repair guide for everything, written by everyone.

What would you like to fix today? Retina MacBook 2015 Teardown Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown on Tuesday April 14, 2015. You might not need every tool for every procedure. It took the idea of having a phone at your fingertips at all times and turned it into having your personal computer/phone/assistant at your fingertips at all times, leading us into

Not sure what kind of Mac laptop you've got in front of you? Utility Knife Soldering Workstation Metal Spudger 64 Bit Driver Kit Translations: English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português 中文 日本語 Background and Identification¶ As technology advances, devices utilizing these technologies become smaller Though Apple may tell you otherwise, all of these devices are user-serviceable with the help of our repair guides found in each of the device pages above. Each rendition has added new features, faster processing, and improved graphics.

Variations of MacBooks, MacBook Pros, PowerBooks, iBooks, iMacs, Mac Pros, or Mac Minis have the tendency to look the same, but may have different internal hardware. Join iFixit Pro 22,744 Free Manuals 90,130 Solutions 6,891 Devices iFixit About Us Customer Support Careers Feedback Press Fix the Planet Repair Manifesto Teardowns Stories Phone Repairability Tablet Repairability Resources Wholesale iPhone - 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5c / 6 / 6S - How to flash in DFU mode Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage Related Pages Troubleshooting 'Incorrect Voicemail What do you need to fix?

iFixit Opening Tool Spudger Translations: English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Русский язык 中文 日本語 Background and Identification¶ Released on June 29, 2007 the first iPhone spun the cell phone world around Support Questions Ask a Question 16 Answers 43 Score How do I eject a disk? Read More Foiled by Snapchat’s Spectacle Bot Nov 14, 2016 I woke up early Sunday morning to the usual buzz of Slack notifications from iFixit. Additional Information¶ Wikipedia: List of Macintosh models by case type: Portable View Statistics: Past 24 Hours: 2,248 Past 7 Days: 17,768 Past 30 Days: 78,119 All Time: 3,326,812 22,744 Free Manuals

D-link DI-524 This D-link touter was originaly made in 2004 and... MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 4 Answers 21 Score SSD upgrade to larger MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015 8 Answers 13 Score Disk Utility You might not need every tool for every procedure. Xbox 360 S This guide will explain how to remove the Hard Drive,...

Nov 18, 2016 The best things come in threes, and we saved Apple's best for last. ZTE n817 How to open the ZTE n817 Phone (Teardown) Huawei Ascend I took apart the Huawei Ascend to see if there was... Since the release of the iPhone in 2007, there have been many iterations of the phone, released on an annual (and sometimes bi-annual) cycle. The...

Nov 17, 2016 After months of refusing to admit they had a problem, Apple is finally offering customers a fix for Touch Disease. It's Black Friday all week long! iFixit Exclusives See why our tools are the best tools for repair. Shop & Parts Replacement parts for all of the popular gadgets, from iPhone batteries to MacBook displays.

You can write your own teardown, check out how others are contributing with their teardowns, and even check out disassembly photos and comprehensive hardware analysis. Support Questions Ask a Question 13 Answers 228 Score Forgot iPhone lockscreen passcode and how to remove it iPhone 5s 20 Answers 145 Score How to fix iPhone 4s No Service We Tore Down the Touch Bar (and the 13’’ MacBook Pro Attached to it) Foiled by Snapchat’s Spectacle Bot Will the Real MacBook Pro (15-Inch) Please Stand Up?